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What is TMJ?
The temporomandibular joint is the ball and socket joint that connects the lower jaw to the bone on each side of the head. The TMJ joint is stabilized by muscles that make it possible to open and close the mouth. Pain, discomfort or tenderness around these joints are referred to as TMJ disorders.

What is an abscessed tooth?
An abscess of the tooth is an infection. An abscess can include pus and or swelling of the soft gum tissues surrounding the tooth. Persistent or intermittent pain and tenderness on the tooth may occur. Extreme discomfort with cold and especially hot temperatures may also be an indication that a tooth is getting abscessed.

What is tooth decay?
Decay is the destruction of the tooth structure and occurs when plaque, the sticky substance that forms on teeth, combines with food sugars we eat. This combination produces acids that attack tooth structure.

Are silver fillings safe?
Silver fillings contain about 50% mercury and 50% various other metals. There are no conclusive studies that relate mercury in amalgum to any health dangers, but mercury by itself is very toxic.

Does teeth whitening hurt your enamel or your gums?
Done correctly and with proper care, whitening materials are not harmful or errosive to tooth structure or surrounding gum tissues.Care must be taken with any materials purchased at a drug store or supermarket for if used incorrectly then irritations of the gum tissue could occur.

Can I just buy a nightguard at the market for my grinding?
Unfortunately no. The nightguards we fabricate are from an accurate impression technique so to get a perfect adaptation to your teeth, this ensures the nightguard will be functioning properly and be as protective as possible.

Why is there a small copay for when I have the white fillings done?
Insurance companies pay up to the allowed amount of a silver filling so any difference between a silver and white filling results in a patient copay balance. We always strive to provide the best service for our patients and that includes using the best materials.We try not to let insurance company's constraints restrict our treatment of our patients.

Why do my gums bleed?
If a patient does not floss daily or is overdue for their cleaning appointment this may cause inflammation process that stimulates bleeding. In some instances it may be a particular medication that could cause this inflammation process that is why current medical history updates are so important.

Are x-rays really necessary and are they harmful?
Radiographs are vitally important to your oral health, without them decay cannot be evaluated. In the absence of radiographs diseases and pathology of the surrounding bone cannot be detected. Radiation from x-rays is negligible compared to what we are exposed to during the course of daily living from our environment

Why are my teeth so sensitive?
Teeth can become very sensitive if there are one or more aeas of recession. Recession is when the gums have retracted back from the neck of the tooth causing cold sensitivity and sometime hot sensitivity as well. If the recession is severe enough then the care of a gum specialist (Periodontist) must be sought. For general sensitive teeth a daily routine of a fluoride rinse is a great adjunct to patient's home care.

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