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By far, the most advances in the dental field today involve implants. With success rates in certain situations of almost 100% and with over 25 years of service in most patients, it may be a procedure that needs to be performed only once in a patient's life. In many situations, a tooth or teeth can be replaced permanently, esthetically and functionally superior to the natural tooth.

Implants have a titanium root that is placed into the jaw where it fuses with the bone. Replacement of a missing tooth does not require removal of healthy tooth material from other teeth, nor the placement of removable pieces. Once the implant is placed the permanent implant crown will be afixed to the titanium implant body. Dental implants are do-overs, allowing patients to regain that lost tooth permanently and perhaps forever.


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Reasons for dental implants:
Tooth decay
Root canal failure
Gum disease
Trauma to the mouth
Excessive wear and tear
Congenital defects

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